Why This Blog?

I receive a number of requests from friends asking which shows to see, where to eat, etc. when in Branson. I have started this Blog to offer some suggestions. Please keep in mind that I am blogging about shows we have personally attended, places we have been and eating establishments where we have actually eaten. These are my opinions and yours may be different. Shows come and go so it is imperative that you always check online for schedules so you are not disappointed.
Branson has so much to offer. You will not be able to see or experience everything in one trip and probably not in many trips. There are many, many more restaurants and a lot more shows than what you will see contained in my Blog. I encourage you to do some research and check out everything available. I confess that we have a habit of returning to the same restaurants and shows. However, as we have new experiences I will add those.
RECREATION: This area is great for fishing and all types of water recreation. Since I don’t have much personal knowledge of all that is available,  I will list what I do know. I’m far from an expert in this area.
SHOPPING: Shopping here is great, from boutiques to flea markets, to outlet malls; The Landing with many shops; Main Street downtown, etc. It is impossible for me to critique all of these.IMG_5937
Pictured is our sweet granddaughter, Lauren, who lives in Spring, Texas but loves to visit us in Branson.

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