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Traveling to Branson?

2014-10-03 17.10.20If you have a trip planned to Branson I have some suggestions for you prior to you leaving your home. Keep in mind that entertainment here may be seasonal so please go online to check everything out when making your plans.

1. Contact Branson Chamber of Commerce & Convention & Visitors Bureau by telephone 1-877-BRANSON or ExploreBranson.com to  request materials to be sent to you. However, you will need to allow a couple weeks.

NOTE: There are many “ticket outlets” here and online. Some offer free tickets but please be aware that it will probably require a timeshare presentation.

2.  Stop by the Chamber when you arrive in Branson and pick up materials. The location is a bit difficult to find but is on Highway 248 West off Highway 65. As soon as you exit off 65 get in the left lane and turn at the FIRST street on the left. The building is not visible from Highway 248 because it sits low.

3. Watch for Booklets entitled, “Best Read Guide,” “Sunny Day” and “The Flavor of Branson” which are free and will have lots of coupons with discounts to many of the shows. There will also be a map* of the area inside each book.

4. One of the most valued items to have while here is a *Map showing the various routes…the yellow, the blue, the red. If you will use this there is no reason to get caught in traffic on Highway 76 (Country Blvd.). There are options for anywhere you wish to travel. These maps will be available at several venues.

5. If traveling with children, check with the theatre or show & ask if they offer a “family discount.” 

6. Very Important: Always check online for information on a show you want to see to avoid disappointment when you arrive. Not all shows are here all the time.

Pictured is our great-grandson, Gio, busy on the telephone.


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