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tom and sue 6-6-13

     My husband, Tom and I retired to Branson on December 31, 2010 from Saint Charles, MO. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2009. We are blessed with two children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Our family is scattered across the USA.

     We thoroughly enjoy living in the beautiful city of Branson and feel blessed of God. We appreciate the four seasons of the year, each one having a beauty all its own. The people here are very friendly and very church-oriented.

     I have started this blog because of the many requests I receive from friends who love coming to Branson. They usually want recommendations for restaurants and shows. That is what I will highlight…only places we’ve eaten or shows we’ve seen. I do not plan to post restaurants that are common to more towns or cities but will try to review those unique to Branson or those which are not commonly seen in many cities.

     I am also sharing a couple of recreation ideas but there are SO many more. The same goes for shopping. It’s impossible for me to share everything. I will not even try giving you any information on motels, hotels, or the many condos for rent. You’re on your own for that.

     I would love your feedback.

     Sue Jackson


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